We unite the world for you!


New Coast Trading is an international export company specialized in shipping and trading various agricultural produce. We are experts in customs procedures for both land and maritime shipping of any kind of product. We take great pride in our personalized customer service: advising and executing all procedures related to logistics and documentation. We offer shipping in containers and in various other packaging options according to the nature of the products and our clients’ specific requirements.

Our sales and logistics team has extensive experience in the international market and excellent commercial relationships with agricultural providers in the United States, Canada, Argentina and Brazil. At New Coast Trading we’re always looking to build new relationships and strategic alliances.


We aim to serve our clients and become their top strategic partners. We work under the highest quality and efficiency standards and value a corporate culture of teamwork, with a staff consisting of tremendously qualified and motivated people.


• Reliability and integrity

• Long standing relationships with vendors and customers

• Ample experience in the international market

• Proven adaptability to new challenges, products or opportunities

• Customized service